pátek 1. prosince 2017

Polish Mixed Media I Part

Welcome to my place! Have you got any fave mixed media brands? No doubt, you have your evergreens. Now, let me mention two Polish mixed media manufacturers whose products are available at Retro Kraft Shop.

I´ve been using these a lot when creating. The first one is 13@rts. If you´re a mixed media addict, you must have heard about the company. They´ve been on the market for several years by now. They offer a huge range of mixed media goodies. For paper lovers there are gorgeous paper collections to choose from. They come in cool designs  and  the paper weight is perfect for loads of media to be applied on.

Besides the papers and stencils you can buy various kinds of media. Paints, pastes, gesso, mica flakes, pigment powders and much more. Prices are reasonable for anyone to try. 

Embellishment lovers may choose from a wide range of pearls, stones, pebbles, beads and flowers. They come in lots of colours and shapes.

Here you can see the 13@rts project that I made as a guest designer.

 Next time we´ll have a look on another mixed media brand available at RKS.

For more 13@rts products drop in Retro Kraft Shop.

Happy crafting!


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